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Thursday, 16 August 2018 01:39

Women’s participation and leadership in fisherfolk organisations and collective action in fisheries: A review of evidence on enablers, drivers and barriers

FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Circular No 1159. Authored by Enrique Alonso-Población and Susana V. Siar, and published by FAO (2018).

The increased recognition of the multiplicity of roles played by women in, and their crucial contributions to, the fisheries sector exists in stark contrast with the low presence of women in fisherfolk organisations around the globe, and the lack of access to decision-making positions in many formal fisheries-related organisations.

This paper summarises analyses of a global literature review on women in fisherfolk organisations. The aim of the study was to identify positive examples and lessons learned by pointing to the drivers – as well as the enablers and entities identified in the literature – that have a key role in fostering increased women’s participation and leadership in collective action in fisheries. State institutions, social movements and civil society organisations, development and conservation projects, religious movements, academia, endogenous mobilisation, charismatic individuals and coincidences have been identified as the key enablers of women’s participation in collective action.

Dwindling resources and the need to secure management roles, modernisation, the allocation of fishing rights, economic changes, family welfare and women’s rights, are the main drivers identified by the authors as catalysers of women’s engagement in collective action. Finally, the paper identifies some of the barriers faced by women to gain equal access to organisations and decision-making. Although more research on the topic is required, there seems to be consensus on the positive effects for women arising from their engagement in modes of collective action.

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