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Friday, 19 April 2019 01:30

Australia: SIAA new Executive Officer

The Seafood Importers Association of Australasia (SIAA) has announced a change to its management, with the appointment of Mark Boulter, who has been the Associations Technical Officer for the last 2 years, as the new Executive Officer. The SIAA, in operation since 1964, is a representative association with 15 members who import more than 50% of the seafood brought into Australia. It represents Members interests in consultative committees, workshops and conferences, and in relevant dealings with industry, government, media and public. It also provides advice to members on government legislation, regulations and policies; and on social responsibility issues. The Association maintains a Code of Conduct and assists members in meeting that code. The Code of Conduct includes many features that could be considered as representing best international practices for seafood trade, including, being qualified to import seafood, ensuring product traceability, handling customer complaints promptly, fairly and diligently, importing safe and sustainably sourced seafood, produced under appropriate labour conditions, and opposing malpractice.

Source: Seafood Importers Association of Australasia

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