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Friday, 19 April 2019 01:51

Welfare Indicators for Farmed Atlantic Salmon: Tools for Assessing Fish Welfare Featured

Edited by Chis Noble, Kristine Gismervik, Martin H. Iveren, Jelena Kolarevic, Jonathan Nilsson, Lars H. Stien and James F. Turnbull (November 2018)

Fish welfare is a key issue in commercial aquaculture and is central to many decisions that farmers take during their daily husbandry practices and longer-term production planning. It is also a prominent topic for animal welfare NGO’s and charities, regulatory bodies, policymakers, and consumers. Fish farmers increasingly are required to implement fish welfare practices in their production systems and daily husbandry. This can present a serious challenge, as the current tools available for measurement may not be suitable for all species or all life stages.
A new publication from Norway, the FISHWELL welfare indicator handbook brings together a farm-friendly toolbox for this purpose. Operational Welfare Indicators (OWIs) and Laboratory-based Welfare Indicators (LABWIs) for use on fish farms in different production systems and husbandry routines. It also includes advice on their implementation and interpretation. This handbook is published by the Norwegian Seafood Research Fund (Fiskeri-og Havbruksnaerigens Forskningsfond, FHF). The project group included a diverse range of welfare scientists and veterinarians from NOFIMA, the Institute of Marine Research, Nord University, the Norwegian Institute and the University of Stirling (UK). The handbook can be downloaded at no cost through the following website:

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